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happy melancholy               

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

the end is the beginning is the end

posted by dark jedi @ 7:14 PM  
everytime, it feels like i have so much to say, but at the same time, nothing to say.

i don't know how to describe it, i don't think there's such a word in the english vocabulary to describe the state of irony in which i feel everytime i think about blogging.


this spells the end. the end of meaningless words...
but also a beginning... of what i want to put forth. in another form.
* and the story ends like this..

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

a belated happy new year to all

posted by dark jedi @ 10:46 PM  
2009 breaks through the horizon of time without a hint of warning, leaving the memories of 2008 behind in a trail of dust...

i may have been away, but i am not dead. just playing dead.
playing dead to complications, playing dead to possibilities, playing dead to aspects of life that are not necessary for me.

i just want things to be simple. simple and easy. easy and happy. happy for everybody.

happy new year 2009. happy happy!

its the return of an older but wiser dark jedi.
* and the story ends like this..

Friday, May 30, 2008

what comes at the end of it all?

posted by dark jedi @ 4:58 PM  
for we are all nothing
but angels with broken wings
flying in our dreams
yet unknowingly falling
* and the story ends like this..

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


posted by dark jedi @ 4:17 PM  
is the key to everything. still trying to get it right.
i'm too focused.
* and the story ends like this..

Monday, November 26, 2007

hongkong... 2007.

posted by dark jedi @ 2:40 PM  
its been 10 years since i've last been there.

how will it be like now, to see hongkong through the eyes 10 years later?

few days ago, i went to the hospital where i was born. it was more than 10 years since i last stepped in. everything seemed smaller. perhaps it is the relativity of perception of size as a kid compared to now.
* and the story ends like this..